Sunrise Lanolin Cream 100ml (EXP 11/2021)

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Sunrise Lanolin Cream moisturizer with 24-hour time release is a high grade moisturizing anti-wrinkle nourishment cream. It contains moisturizers, rich pure Australian lanolin, and natural vitamin E. It may help to keep moisture, smooth the aging effect and wrinkles on the skin. Grape Seed Oil gives you a luxuriously rich cream that helps soothe and nourish the skin as well as delay skin aging by minimizing the damage caused by free radicals.

Regular application of Lanolin Cream with Grape Seed Oil is also useful for skin toning and tightening. Grape Seed Oil contains Linoleic acid which helps to strengthen cell membrane and improve skin tone generally. It also has a considerable amount of antioxidants which are excellent for minimizing skin aging by providing protection against free radicals. Lanolin Oil rehydrates, controls and retains skin moisture, and leaves the skin smooth, soft and fresh-looking. Its molecular structure resembles that of human lipids. Lanolin and Grape Seed Oil both moisturizes skin from the outside and helps the skin to moisturize itself from within.


Using a liberal amount of the product, apply evenly to the skin using gentle circular motions. Reapply as needed.



About Careline

Careline Group is one of Australia’s leading natural health companies focusing on offering premium healthcare and skincare products. We specialize in manufacturing premium quality of all-Australian nature products. Loved and trusted by the Australian families for many years, we proudly offer our unrivalled Australian made products through our commitment to build the company as a trusted and extensive health and wellbeing resource for everybody. Careline is committed to superior business performance. We achieve this by combining our commitment and the most advance scientific knowledge and evidence into innovative, advanced and quality health care solutions.

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